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The Role Of Private Investigators In Personal Injury Cases

Every year, there are millions of personal injury cases filed in the United States, with the majority resulting from automobile accidents. A personal injury is one that occurs to the person’s body and not their property. A claim must be filed in order for the person who is injured to obtain compensation for the medical […]

The Confidential Way To Catch A Cheating Spouse

The emotional impact that finding out your spouse is cheating can have on you is just one aspect to the situation that you have to deal with. There is also the impact that it has on your children and on your finances. In fact, every facet of your life can be affected by your spouse’s […]

The Importance Of Hiring An Ethical Private Investigator Agency

There are a number of reasons that people hire a private investigator agency including everything from checking out a childcare applicant to catching a cheating spouse. While the roles of PIs in the movies have always been surrounded by a certain degree of shadiness that people take to be true in real life, finding an […]

Private Investigators: What They Cannot Do

If a person watches enough TV or reads enough PI novels, they may come away thinking that private investigators can do anything, anywhere, at any time. This is simply not true. Private investigators have rules that they have to obey and disobeying those rules can cost them their license (or worse). Here are some of […]

Watching Your Teen

It is no secret that American teens are faced with some serious threats and temptations these days. Most parents want to know what their teen-aged children are up to when they (the kids) are out of sight. This is especially true if the child begins to exhibit odd or dangerous behavior. Seeing this type of […]

Private Investigators And Video Surveillance

Technology has come a long way over the last few years, and private investigators are taking advantage of these advances to better serve their clients. One of the advances that private investigators are using with great success these days is video surveillance. This technology is being used by a wide variety of industries and law […]

Private Investigator: What Does It Cost?

Hiring a private investigator is the same as hiring any other type of professional. However, because hiring private detectives is something most people have not done in the past, knowledge of the fees that are often charged is somewhat lacking. This article looks at some of the questions consumers may want to ask before hiring […]

The Impact Of Insurance Fraud On Everyone

Insurance fraud is a serious issue that costs tax payers an estimated $40 billion annually. For a single family, the price tag is between $400 and $700 that they must pay on their premiums to compensate for what others have stolen. Private insurance companies and organizations that work to stop insurance fraud are among those […]

What Constitutes Parental Neglect During A Custody Hearing?

For many of us, the term “Parental Neglect” sounds like failing to feed, clothe or otherwise provide children with the things they need to be healthy and happy. In reality and according to the legal definitions, it more closely relates to abuse. During divorce cases where there is a dispute over child custody, one parent […]