Background Checks

Background checks are vital for delivering valuable insights leading to a smarter, informed decision. It also reduces the risk and provide greater security for consumers, agencies and businesses. Background checks reveal information about a person’s involvement in past and character.  Background checks are often called in cases of marriages and divorces. They are also used for employment background check, criminal background check and personal background check.Background Check Firm Phoenix

What Our Background Check Services Include?

Our background check services include finding information of any regarding criminal records, marriage or divorce case, lawsuits, judgment liens, bankruptcy files, and property records.  We also offer services in address search and verification, or finding phone numbers. We also do confirmation checks from neighbors and relatives.

Our background check services are completely confidential.

What Are Personal Investigation Background Checks?

Personal background checks are used in cases of dating, marriages, divorces, hiring domestic help, nannies and personal assistant.  They offer you a peace of mind, free from any stress while making decisions in earlier mentioned situations.

All personal investigations of background checks are confidential and done in a professional manner so that the person who is being investigated won’t find about it.

What Are Included In Employment Background Checks And Personal Background Checks?

Employment background checks and personal background checks will provide the following information to you:

  1. It will verify name and social security number along with age and year of birth.
  2. Search records in local courts for any misdemeanors.
  3. Search for any felonies and civil court cases.Background Check Agency Phoenix
  4. Driving license and motor driving record.
  5. Verification of past employment.
  6. Verification of educational qualifications.
  7. Detail information on marital status.
  8. Confirmation of stats by searching associations and relatives.
  9. Residency history.
  10. Search for bankruptcy details, tax liens, civil cases, divorces, foreclosures, judgments, evictions.
  11. Details of all sources of income.
  12. Search for any federal criminal cases.
  13. History of business affiliations.
  14. Family background.

Do Your Background Checks Also Cover Criminal Background Checks?

Given the list of background check services we offer, it is clear that we also search for any possible criminal records or ongoing court cases (civil or criminal).  The information (if any) of the concerned person will be suffice to take any decision.

What Are Included In Asset Combination Background Checks?

Asset combination background checks will provide the following information to you:

  1. The Search will be done minutely on a wide ranging profile of the person.IK.LogoColor
  2. Enough information will be provided from the broad asset profile to gauge the net worth of the person.
  3. This includes real property information and their current status.
  4. Search for all kinds of liabilities.
  5. Dig out all present and past information on business affiliations and their ownerships.
  6. Look for any bankruptcy filed and the hidden information.
  7. It also calls for background checks for personal profiles that include felonies and misdemeanors for criminal records and civil cases such as divorces, driving records, confirmation on age and year of birth.
  8. One of the most significant services is to search for aliases and relatives.
  9. Confirmation of addresses and residential history.
  10. Verification of social security number.