Catch a Cheating Spouse

Relationships nowadays are very vulnerable to infidelity. As per a recent study, facts that have come across us show that many people are unhappy with their relationships. Almost half, i.e. about 45 to 55 % of spouses have some form of affair, either a fling or an emotional attachment outside their marriage. Thus to put it bluntly, the possibility that your spouse is cheating on you is actually not as far-fetched as you may think.Catch a Cheating Spouse Phoenix

It Is Better To Face It

Infidelity is growing like a disease. In long term relationships, it can have a devastating impact on personal, financial and social life of not only the couple but also the children and friends involved. The same study also discovers a shocking fact that 3.3% children are born as a result of infidelity. Given the alarming facts and complications revolving around infidelity, it is critical to be aware of your cheating spouse activities. A private investigator can help a lot in identifying a cheating spouse.

Catching A Cheating Spouse Is Tricky

If a person is on the route to infidelity, then he/she will do so in a nicely planned discrete fashion considering the risk involved, making their affair difficult to be discovered. Reading gestures and other signs are not enough to discover a cheating spouse. It is extremely difficult to catch a cheating spouse, based alone on intuition.

Why You Should Consider Us?

We all are adults and well equipped to confront this issue with our spouse and discuss infidelity morals at length. Such discussions easily go out of control with excuses and blame games. As professional private investigators, we are capable of identifying whether your spouse is cheating on you, by providing you necessary evidence to address the issue, strongly eliminating all the weak holes right from the start. This is necessary for the cases where you are contemplating a divorce. A legal separation or a divorce comes with a package of inevitable issues which include custody and distribution of property and assets.

Investigating social networks and cell phones are the preferred methods to cheat as well as more reliable methods to identify their activities to even out the odds.

How We Can Benefit You?

We as private investigators allow you to have a real time check on whom your spouse communicates via emails, SMS or chats. We can locate their real position through GPS and cross check to what your cheating spouse is lying about.

In cases where your spouse is using a different SIM card for their infidelity activities, we have tools which can alert us to circumvent conditions before it is too late.  The notifications for SIM changes will let private investigators and you know as soon as they do it. We are equipped with the tools to gather their network of contacts and analyze them for any alarming situation.

We can provide you complete access to their emails and messages.  The entire message history can be searched for key cheating words. On doubtful selected phone numbers, we can set alerts so that you can listen to your cheating spouse live calls. We can provide you access to listen to what’s happening in their surroundings with a remotely activated bugging device hidden in their Smartphone.