Child Protection with a Private Investigation Firm

When it comes to a divorce, the next downright overwhelming battle is for child protection and custody. According to most of the state’s family laws, child custody is awarded in the best interest of the child.

Many cases require child custody investigations to ensure child protection.  It is recommended to give such cases to Private Investigation Firm or PI firm like child protective services phoenix and private investigator phoenix. They are specialized in investigations specifically related to child custody and can monitor compliance as per court orders. Their reports are ethical, legal and in the format, admissible in court.Best Private Investigator Phoenix

What Is The Work Of Child Custody Investigator?

Post divorce or separation case, a child custody investigation is beneficial to make sure that child now involved in the legal case, stay safe.  Child Custody Investigation services can be taken by either the court or by a parent to know the child’s experience with both a custodial and non custodial parent.

There are cases that need to report at the earliest such as convincing the court regarding chronic neglect, parental alcoholism, child abuse or drug abuse. A private investigator hired to find out more information can help you to protect your child and give you the opportunity to make them safe every step of the way.

How A Private Investigator Works For Child Custody?

The first action of a private investigator in a child custody case will be to use surveillance. This is done to determine happenings when a parent is with the child. The private investigator can make videos, take pictures, record relevant artifacts, when they find any neglect or abuse.  The recorded documents will work as evidence to show how the child was being treated.

For the court a private investigator may act as a solicit witness on behalf of the parents. They look for parental indulgence in reckless driving, any criminal activity, consumption of alcohol, neglecting the child and various other activities that may have an impact on a child’s welfare. On the basis of investigator’s documents the court can determine the best for the child safety and interest.

Why Do You Need A Child Custody Investigator?Private Investigators in Phoenix Arizona

Like a divorce or a separation case, a child custody case is also complicated. There are many reasons why you should call a private investigator to get the custody of your child.

  1. In case you have a suspicion about the safety of your child, then you should call a private investigator. Unfortunately the potential abuse a child must be going through doesn’t come up on the face of it.  The same has to be documented, presented in order to prove in the court. This is important to prove your spouse or the ex spouse is a danger to your child and you should be allowed to save your child. The private investigator documents will be helpful evidence in proving your doubts and winning the custody of the child eventually.
  2. In case you are losing your peace of mind, worrying over the safety and well being of your child, hiring a private investigator can be help in determining the condition of the child.
  3. Sadly, it is a common practice that one parent will exaggerate the situation and make false accusations about the other. In such cases without going under more stress, a private investigator can be of great help in gathering impactful evidence along with ensuring the safety of the child.