Divorce Investigation with PI Firm

Divorce cases are never as simple as they initially look. It depends largely on finding the facts and obtaining information in a legal form that is convincible and admissible in the court. It is important to obtain them from ethical and legal ways; else they can be more harmful than being helpful.

There is no “everyone knows this” thing in court; you have to establish a fact in order to prove it in your favor.  Divorce Investigations done by Private Investigation firms or PI firms can play a helpful role in becoming a key witness in your case to present the facts in a more convincible way that are otherwise hard to prove.

Who is a Private Investigator?

A private investigator provides investigation services for

  1. Criminal Cases
  2. Identity, character, occupation and business of the person.
  3. Lost or stolen property.
  4. Accidents, injuries and causes of fires.
  5. Causes of financial losses.
  6. Secure and legal evidence for use in court.

How To Hire A Private Investigator For A Divorce Case?

Divorces are not what you seek every day and finding a private investigator to work for you might seem like another trauma.  Since you have to entrust a stranger with the most confidential and sensitive information, it is important for you to take time to hire someone honest and competent.

Here is a comprehensive list to know before you hire a private investigator to deal with your divorce case.


1.      Know How Long They Have Been In Business.

Private investigation is a profession where experience matters a lot.  The work of an investigator involved varies as per the case and is to guard secrets. This demands years of training and vast experience to be a skilled personal investigator.


2.      Check PI Firm License.

Private Investigators require license to carry out investigations and collect their findings. The license has to be issued from the state.  Before you let them handle your case, it is your duty to verify PI Firm’s license from the state agency that regulates them.


You also have to do some homework by studying their past cases and their policies in potential claim and litigation. It will be best if they can provide the proof of insurance.

It is also important that all the agents of a PI firm should be licensed and experienced. A firm having a license is a different thing altogether. The real on-field investigation is done by a private investigator or an agent, and it is their experience which counts the most.


3.      Private Investigator Should Possess The Skills You Need For The Case.

A person having an investigator license does not guarantee to be the best. You should choose someone who believes in action more. There are several aspects of divorce investigation job that require very specific skills and experience. Ask as many questions about the agent, past cases and their expertise of investigation.


4.      Check References

Most of the time PI firms work closely with law firms on their handpicked cases.  One of the best and the safest ways to know about their services and be assured is by knowing the quality of their professional associations. If they can provide some law firms who in return can confirm their work, you can consider them.