Why You Should Hire a Private Investigator during Your Divorce

Q: Is it necessary to hire a private investigator phoenix during your divorce?

A: Divorce is a process that is usually very emotionally taxing for both parties. However, there are many issues that have to be settled in the aftermath of a divorce and the most important one among them is the issue of property distribution as well as child custody if the couple has children. To get a fair settlement, you must provide proof in the court that the other party is responsible for the divorce. Producing this evidence is not easy though and it is for collecting this proof that you might need to consider hiring a private investigator phoenix during your divorce.

Q: How can a divorce investigator phoenix help you in your divorce?

A: The divorce investigator phoenix can collect evidence on your behalf against your spouse so that you can prove in court that he/she is the one because of which the marriage is coming to an end and thus, you must be given a fair share of the property as well as the custody of the child, if there is any. The PI can also help you in proving that the other spouse has hidden assets which he/she has not declared and must be distributed equally between the two of you.

Q: What type of evidence can be collected by an Arizona private investigator?

A: An Arizona private investigator can collect all sorts of evidence that would prove in the court that the other spouse is responsible for the divorce. He can follow the spouse around and check whether he/she is having an affair or not. If he does end up finding that your partner is involved with someone else he will collect photos and video evidence to prove his/her infidelity in court. Moreover, he can also look into the financial records of your partner and uncover details about hidden accounts and properties that you don’t know about. The Arizona private investigator can also find out evidence proving that your spouse is mistreating, neglecting or abusing your child as well.

Q: What methods are used by a divorce investigator phoenix for collecting evidence?   

A: Surveillance is the most common method used by a divorce investigator phoenix for collecting evidence against a spouse in a divorce case. He will make use of every kind of surveillance possible to get the evidence that is required for proving in court that the other spouse is responsible for the breaking up of the marriage. He might also make use of electronic tracking equipment and background checks to unearth information about the other spouse which reveals that he/she is cheating on you or is involved in some other illegal activity.

Q: What are the things that must be kept in mind when hiring a private investigator phoenix?

A: When hiring a private investigator phoenix, keep in mind that he will charge a good deal of money so only hire him if you are perfectly sure that your partner is cheating on you or is mistreating your child. Moreover, also make sure that you are hiring a professional PI for collecting evidence against your spouse because an amateur cannot be trusted for collecting concrete evidence that can be presented in court.