Hiring a Private Investigator for Difficult Process Service

Q: What Is A Private Investigator And How Does He Work?

A: Private investigators are detectives who don’t work under the banner of the police or any other government sponsored investigation agency and conduct investigations on their own. Private investigators are hired for a variety of different purposes like keeping eyes on a subject, to investigate losses and to find out the fraudulent individual. Process Server Phoenix

They inspect a prospective client and ascertain whether the client is a shadowy individual or not, and serve papers to a defendant or a witness in a lawsuit or court case. The private investigators use deception, high-tech technology and various disguises in order to get the information you need.

Q: What To Do During Difficult Process Service?

A: Process service can become extremely difficult, especially when the defendant is a tricky customer who wants to avoid being served papers. In a lawsuit or a dispute case, you would have to tell the defendant that the court has begun initial legal proceedings on the matter and that the defendant should appear before the court in order to respond to the court. This is done through the use of service of process which is a procedure through which you first identify the defendant, verbally tell him about the case and then serve him the papers.

However, this isn’t as easy as it seems because defendants, who don’t want to become party to the case, usually try to avoid being served papers. When claimants fail in serving the papers themselves, they usually assign the task to a process server Phoenix AZ in the attorney’s office who simply go to the defendant’s house, knock on it and announce that he has come to serve papers. This would give a tip-off to the defendant and the defendant might well go underground so as to avoid being involved. So, rather than hiring process servers present at attorney offices, you should hire private investigators if you think your witness or the defendant who needs to be served papers is going to avoid receiving the papers at any cost.

Q: How Do Private Investigators Ensure Process Service Delivery?

Private investigators remain your best bet for serving papers to defendants who want to avoid being served at all costs as the PIs can find them even if they go underground. Usually, the defendant would try to avoid being notified by not going out much, not opening the door himself and not going outside without his car. The Phoenix private investigator would first try and ascertain his routine through surveillance before finally identifying the time when the defendant would be the easiest to catch for the process service delivery.Phoenix process server

Q: What Methods Are Used By Private Investigator Phoenix AZ For Delivering Difficult Process Service?

A: The private investigators use a variety of investigative techniques in order to first find the defendant and then use another set of techniques in order to catch him so as to serve him the papers. Whether the person who is to be subpoenaed as a witness or the defendant, the private investigator would ensure that he knows the routine of the person through surveillance.

After having known the schedule, the PI would then use different disguises to catch the defendant off-guard and serve the papers. The private investigator may also simply identify the person’s car or van and simply hide in and around it and then serve the papers whenever the person comes to use his car or van.

Q: Is It A Good Idea To Hire A Private Investigator For Difficult Process Service Phoenix AZ?

A: Hiring a private investigator Phoenix remains the best possible mode of action, especially when the defendant wants to avoid being served at all costs. By hiring a private investigator, you would ensure that no time is wasted and the papers are served quickly for the case to begin.