Hiring a Private Investigator Firm for Disability Fraud


There are many kinds of frauds nowadays and though it can be tough to get to the bottom of many of them, some of them are pulled off easily. Basically, people put in a lot of thought when it comes to cheating other people and they usually succeed with their schemes because of the loopholes in the system.

Among the many kinds of scams and frauds, disability fraud is very rampant. It is quite shocking to know that several people misuse the facilities extended to the people with any kind of disability. Many insurance companies suffer because of these schemes.Disability Fraud Investigator Phoenix

In many cases, suspicion is not enough as companies need proof to expose fraudulent claims made by an individual. Therefore, these insurance companies can hire private investigating firms to solve the problem easily.

At the Phoenix firm of private investigators, we understand the complexity of the situation. Though many private investigating companies usually try to harass an individual and manufacture fraudulent activities, we believe in upholding the truth and protect our clients.

How we work                                                                                                                                    

At the Phoenix, you can rest assured that your problems will be taken care off. Though we don’t harass anyone, we take our job seriously. Most of the people who file claims under a false pretext usually slip after a while. We have all the necessary tools and our success rate is really high. For example, a person who files disability insurance will not be able to participate in many physical activities, but he/she does that, chances are that the person has claimed disability falsely. Most of the surveillance occurs during  the holidays but we guarantee you that the individual will not realize that he/she is under surveillance.

What are our methods of surveillance?

Typically, different methods are used when we take up a case. Our powerful gadgets help us to follow an individual to find out more about him. If a person has nothing to hide, chances are that the person is clean, but if a person is not comfortable because of the claims he has made, he will slip Phoenix Disability Fraud Investigatorsooner or later. We use devices that capture videos from a distance and we make sure that we follow every step ethically. With simple techniques, we solve most of the cases easily within the deadline stated.  In most cases, simple surveillance is all it takes to expose an individual’s fraud.

What other advanced surveillance methods are used?

As mentioned above, most of the cases are solved by using simple surveillance techniques. However, some cases might not be cracked using simple methods and therefore, we use tracking devices to get to the bottom of the case. We also conduct stake outs in an ethical manner to prove the truth in any given case. If the individual involved in the case has claimed disability insurance under false pretexts, we will help you uncover the truth pretty quickly.

No matter what insurance companies do, many people take advantage of the loopholes in a company. This affects the bottom line of an insurance company in a very bad manner. To avoid such situations and protect themselves, insurance companies can hire professional private investigating firms to solve the problems.