Hiring a private investigator for Forensic Accounting

Q: What Is Forensic Accounting?

A: Forensic accounting is the application of scientific techniques and resources for uncovering the truth behind a crime. The crimes that are usually investigated using forensic accounting are financial frauds in which the victim has been robbed of money or has been scammed into giving up sensitive information about his assets. Forensic accounting involves the use of financial auditing and other business skills coupled with intelligence gathering techniques for collecting evidence against the fraudster that can be used in court to implicate him.

Q: How Can A Private Investigator Phoenix AZ Help In Doing Forensic Accounting?

A: A reputable private investigator phoenix AZ possesses the qualities of a forensic accountant. He would therefore be quite adept to forensic accounting and would have no trouble in collecting evidence against a scammer or a fraudster. Even if a PI does not have experience of forensic accounting, he would definitely have a team of forensic accountants working for him that would help him in doing forensic accounting.

Q: What Qualities Must Be Present In A Phoenix Private Investigator For Him To Be Considered A Good Forensic Accountant?    

A: The phoenix private investigator must have a good amount of knowledge about forensic auditing and financial processes for being considered a forensic accountant. He must have the capacity to work for long hours, the will to go through mountains of bank statement and ledger sheets within a single day as well as the ability to use a single piece of financial information to get to the criminal. He must also have the ability to use the computer and recover lost data. Since most of the financial scams are run online nowadays, knowledge of cyber forensics is also necessary for a PI if he wants to do the job of a forensic accountant as well.




Q: What Forensic Accounting Methods Are Used By A Forensic Accountant Phoenix AZ For Conducting A Financial Fraud Investigation?

A: There are many forensic accounting methods that a forensic accountant phoenix AZ might employ during a financial fraud investigation. The most commonly used methods of forensic accounting are connected with tracing misappropriate funds. The PI will try to find out the location of the funds that have been stolen from the victimized party. For this purpose, the phoenix private investigator is going to look into the financial data of the suspect and try to find out the latest transactions that he has made. This would help him in finding out where the money is and he will gather evidence that this money has been stolen so that the suspect can be brought to justice in court. Other methods of forensic accounting that are used by PIs include calculation of lost wages and auditing of financial documents.

Q: Is Hiring A Forensic Accountant Phoenix AZ Really Necessary?

A: If you have been the victim of a financial fraud or a scam then it is extremely important that you hire a forensic accountant phoenix AZ as soon as possible since he can help you not only in catching the fraudster, but in recovering your lost funds too.