Hiring A Private Investigator For Injury Surveillance


Q: How Can Private Investigators Phoenix Help In Injury Surveillance?

A: In personal injury cases, the plaintiff usually accuses the defendant to have hurt him on purpose and demands a medical compensation. In such cases, the defendant has to prove in court that he is innocent and the injury caused to the plaintiff was either an unintentional accident or the plaintiff is lying about his extent of injury. The private investigators phoenix can help the defendant in collecting evidence by conducting injury surveillance which proves that the plaintiff is not being honest about the severity of his injuries or that the injuries have not been caused by the defendant at all.

Q: What Methods Are Used By A Phoenix Private Investigator For Injury Surveillance?

A: The most important and useful method for injury surveillance that is mostly used by a phoenix private investigator is video surveillance. Since videos are now being considered in court as a concrete evidence, the private investigator would follow the plaintiff and try to obtain video footage that confirms the innocence of the defendant and exposes the allegations that have been leveled at him by the plaintiff.

Moreover, the PI phoenix can also visit the hospital where the plaintiff was taken to after the accident and ask the doctors about the extent of the injury and what they think had caused these injuries. Photographs of the medical records are also collected by the private investigator which can also be produced as evidence in the court to expose the lies of the plaintiff.

Q: Is Hiring A Private Investigator Phoenix Arizona For Injury Surveillance Legal?

A: Yes, it is legal and the defendant is well within his right to hire a private investigator phoenix Arizona for injury surveillance. However, the private investigator must remain cautious that he does not invade the plaintiff’s privacy. He must remain subtle and follow the plaintiff from a reasonable distance. This is important because the plaintiff can say in court that the defendant invaded his privacy by hiring a private investigator. Thus, when hiring the private investigator phoenix Arizona, do tell him to conduct the injury surveillance in a covert manner.

Q: Is Hiring A Private Investigator For Injury Surveillance Really Necessary?

A: In personal injury cases, the plaintiff can ask for huge sums of money as medical compensation from the defendant. To escape this, the defendant must prove in court that he was not responsible for the injuries suffered by the plaintiff or that the plaintiff’s injuries are not as severe as he claims.

However, proving this is not easy and the defendant has to come up with concrete evidence in the form of either video footage or photographs. This is where the private investigators phoenix can come to your aid. They can provide you with the evidence you need and help you in proving your innocence. Thus, if you cannot prove your innocence yourself in the court then it becomes necessary for you to hire a private investigator or else you will have to pay the medical compensation claimed by the plaintiff.