Private Investigator for Estate and Probate Research

Q: What is Probate?

A: Probate is a document that has legal importance. It provides information about how the estate of the person who has passed away is going to be distributed. This document also ensures that the “will” left behind by the deceased person is a valid one. However, the probate can be forged and a person may use it to gain sole power of the deceased person’s property. In such a situation probate research needs to be done to find out the real probate documents as well as to determine how the probate was forged and who was responsible for it.

Q: How Can Private Investigators Phoenix Help In Conducting Estate And Probate Research?

A: Private investigator phoenix can offer a lot of help in conducting estate and probate research. The investigator can collect evidence regarding the real probate document and the complete details of the estate that was possessed by the deceased person. The phoenix private investigator can also search for flaws in the probate document confirming that it has been forged and is not the actual probate document. This information is going to help the actual heirs of the deceased person’s property in making a claim for the estate that is rightfully theirs. Moreover, phoenix private investigator AZ can also prove to be helpful in locating the missing heirs of a deceased person that are mentioned in his will. The private investigator phoenix would use his researching skills to find information about their whereabouts and track them down. In addition to this, he is also going to determine the relationship that they had with the deceased to make sure that they are rightful heirs of the property.

Q: What Methods Are Used By Private Investigators Phoenix AZ For Doing Probate And Estate Research?

A: For estate research, phoenix private investigators mostly make use of detective methods. They look into databases and property records to get an idea of the estate that was in possession of the deceased person at the time of his death. Phoenix private investigators AZ also checks the financial records of the deceased person in a bid to ascertain the details of his properties as well. As for probate research, the private investigator phoenix will focus his attention on using his detective skills to determine the legality of the probate document. He will try to ascertain the authenticity of the document and also look for the real probate document. Surveillance can also be sometimes used by the phoenix private investigator for this probate and estate research. If a private investigator deems it necessary, he will conduct interviews as well for determining the location of the heirs of the deceased person’s property.

Q: How To Hire Private Investigators In Phoenix AZ?

A: Hiring a private investigator in phoenix AZ is not that difficult. Just type the words phoenix private investigators in your search engine and hit enter. The search engine will list you the websites of many well-known private investigators that are located in your area. From their websites, you can obtain their contact number and ring them up and schedule a meeting.