Private Investigators And Video Surveillance

Technology has come a long way over the last few years, and private investigators are taking advantage of these advances to better serve their clients. One of the advances that private investigators are using with great success these days is video surveillance. This technology is being used by a wide variety of industries and law enforcement authorities as well and for good reason: it works.

It is no secret that video surveillance is used across America in virtually every place one can imagine. From street corners to shopping centers, these tiny cameras are watching all of us, often while we are ignorant of their presence. Private investigators are also using these cameras in their work as well.

Here are a few reasons why:

Seeing Is Believing:

Not that long ago, many private investigators were called upon to make verbal or written reports that were not back up with visual proof. This could turn into a “he said, she said” encounter. With video recordings, what you see is what you get. There are few ways of denying what is seen on video. It is what it is.

Legal Evidence:

Private investigators can use video surveillance cameras to prove (or disprove) the activities of a particular person or group of people. For instance, if a business believes theft is going on in its store or warehouse, private investigators can set up cameras and record the activities that go on in the location. If someone is seen stealing, the video recording can be used (normally) to bring charges against the offender. Again, seeing the activity take place on video (or digitally) removes any mystery.

How Private Investigators Use Video Surveillance:

When using this technology, private investigators will make sure that the recording contains date and time stamps. This can be crucial in proving when an event took place and is one of those small things that non-professionals may forget to put into place.

Private investigators will also have the experience and expertise to know where best to place the camera for maximum effect. It Private Investigator Phoenix Azmakes no sense to install a device if that device does not have a good field of vision. While this may sound like a simple task, it is often one of the more difficult as it is important to make sure that the device is concealed properly while remaining fully functional.

Move It:

Private investigators understand that not all video surveillance is static. This means that private investigators must be ready and able to move with the target, recording important activities as they occur. This often means that private investigators must have access to a variety of different cameras from hand-held to tiny, concealed devices.

Local Laws:

Many of those who need video surveillance work done for them are not aware of local, state, or federal laws concerning this type of activity. Professional private investigators know the laws and they know what they can do and what they cannot do legally. This can be a very important issue and one that must be taken into account if one wants to avoid legal trouble or issues with using the recording with law enforcement or in court.