Skip Tracing for a Missing Persons Search

What Is Meant By Skip Tracing?

A process of searching and locating the whereabouts of a person for any person is called skip tracing. A skip tracing can be done manually by appointing a personal investigator or a skip tracer or by using digital online tools to do the work.

Skip tracing is common for locating missing persons. It is done for numerous reasons, and most common are missing person, debt collections, property collections etc.

Who Asks For Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is done by private investigators when they are requested by

  1. Family members for their long lost relatives with no news or whereabouts.
  2. Friends requesting to find their long lost friends.
  3. Attorneys, looking for missing people involved in their cases.
  4. Creditors searching for people who own them money and are now missing.
  5. Insurance company looking for people who are missing as a witness to the huge insured loss.
  6. Parents looking for their missing / abducted or runaway child.

And the list goes on.

Why People Go Missing?

There are numerous reasons for people to go missing. All of them can be clubbed into two categories – intentionally missing and unintentionally missing.

Those who are intentionally missing are generally a fugitive, professional skip, or a recluse. Those who are unintentionally missing are the people with long time absence. Many requests are from adoptee children. When these people are found they are surprised to know that they were being looked for.

How Much Time Skip Tracing Services By Private Investigator Phoenix Take?

Phoenix private investigator treats every case as urgent and works their best to locate the missing person within the committed deadlines. The fastest time is what clients give us to search for the skip. They do their speedy searches in a confidential manner and they carefully handle the sensitive data.

How They Locate Missing Persons?

Private Investigator at phoenix is well equipped with workforce and digital tools to track down a person’s location and related information. They can search for cases with local, federal and state laws.  Most of the searches are done with the help of only two people at work.  Though most of the times they do find a person and provide guarantee too, but in cases when they are not able to locate the person, they will provide justified reasons within time and financial limitations.

Can Skip Tracing Data Be Used In the Courts?

Skip tracing services for finding missing persons by private investigators requires a license. This means it is a legal practice. Private investigators phoenix have years of experience in presenting their findings in documents that can be produced legally in the court. These documents are in a correct format covering all the facts of the case.

Thus, the declarations provided by private investigators on skip tracing can be used in court.

What Are The Other Services Provided By Private Investigators Phoenix?

As a legal, licensed agency, they have all the equipment to carry out a private investigation. Most of searches are carried out quickly with only two people on-job. They have the techniques and resources they need for searching, which are applicable as per the legal laws. Thus, they do not accept resources or equipment from the clients.