Spousal Surveillance

Divorces or separation disturbs you emotionally and socially both, and they can also have a devastating impact on your financial condition. With a truckload of lies and emotional pain due to infidelity, including financial infidelity, your life can go through a horrible situation.

Spousal Surveillance can help you safeguard yourself and prepare a strong case to defend you.

What is spousal surveillance?Catch a Cheating Spouse Phoenix

Spousal surveillance is a powerful tool to gather sufficient information as evidence, covering a wide variety of circumstances and confronting it strongly.

How Spousal Surveillance Benefits You?

  1. If you are just suspecting your spouse for any wrongdoing, a spousal surveillance can give you peace of mind. Private Investigators are there to help you confirm whether your gut feeling is wrong or right.
  2. In case your ex-spouse is cohabiting with someone else and falsely presenting their situation in court to receive alimony, a spousal surveillance can provide you enough evidence to reject their entitlement of alimony.
  3. Spousal surveillance also helps in your child custody case. A private investigator can detect with evidence for any unstable or dangerous living conditions of your child. It is better to know sooner to get them out of unsafe environment.
  4. Asset investigation is also a part of spousal surveillance. As a private investigation firm, everything necessary to know about your spouse’s assets locally, nationally or overseas can be found out.

Who Are We?

We are a team of highly experienced surveillance experts who are able to discretely follow people and have a close check on them. We can follow and document the sequence and maintain it for you too.

What Are Our Asset Investigation Services?

Our Asset investigation services cover local, state bank and national bank information. It also includes real estate and employment history of the Asset Recovery Phoenixperson concerned. We are technically equipped to find out judgments, liens and personal property details. Our experts can provide you with detailed information on vehicles and brokerage discounts.

Asset investigations are also known as asset searching. Locating global assets for financial investigations are not only helpful in bankruptcy or in situations of debt defaulter’s, but also in divorce cases as well.

This information is critical as the family or communal wealth is divided between both parties and family law cases. Where a constitutional judgment is involved, a legal collection of in depth documents can change a complete case.  Our international expertise in asset investigation can assist you in freezing the assets of your spouse.

Will We Be Able To Help You Financial Consultancy In Such Situations?

Our asset surveillance experts will financially investigate your spouse and verify, minutely analyze, organize and then only submit you a final report. The report will be in a  format that is acceptable for different court proceedings. It is very important that these reports are easily understandable for you.  We also provide additional consultancy services for you to summarize these reports – what do they meant and what can be taken out of it.  Whatever your circumstances are it is our duty to provide you correct, concise and meaningful information quickly and to advise you on how to get what is rightfully yours.