The Role Of Private Investigators In Personal Injury Cases

Every year, there are millions of personal injury cases filed in the United States, with the majority resulting from automobile accidents. A personal injury is one that occurs to the person’s body and not their property. A claim must be filed in order for the person who is injured to obtain compensation for the medical bills and pain and suffering they incur due to the injuries they received. Before the person can file a personal injury claim, the accident must first be determined to have been the fault of the other person. If the person at fault is not obvious, a private investigator agency may be hired to investigate the accident and determine who was responsible for causing the accident.


What an Investigation Might Reveal

When a private investigator agency is hired to determine the person at fault for the accident, the result may be much different than the initial belief of the victim. Sometimes vehicles malfunction or the laws may be different than the individual believes. The victim who is filing the personal injury claim is not the only one who may hire a private investigator to find the truth. The Private Investigator In Phoenix Azplaintiff, insurance company, or one of the lawyers associated with the personal injury case are just some of the people who may hire a private investigator agency to investigate the accident or the people involved in the case.

Big Stakes Personal Injury Cases

Most cases where there is little money involved are not pursued as aggressively. However, significant injuries that require extensive medical treatments and/or surgeries, time off from work with loss of income, or which also result in severe emotional damage often leave the victim in a severe financial bind. In addition to losing their finances, they may also experience a serious decline in their quality of life. The medical bills for their treatment far exceed any resource they have to pay them and they may feel that their personal injury claim is the only hope that they have. Getting the facts and proving that they are truly the victim in the case can be extremely important.

In addition to hiring a private investigator agency to prove fault in the accident, the plaintiff may also hire a PI to investigate the legitimacy of the injuries. Surveillance of the “injured” victim may disprove that their claim of serious injury from the accident while an investigation of the person’s medical history may show that the injury existed prior to the accident.

The Importance of Personal Injury Claims

The legal right to file a personal injury claim is important since insurance companies are not likely to pay accident victims for their injuries unless they are held accountable by law. It is also important to ensure that a claim is legitimate and that the person being blamed for the accident is truly the one at fault. Hiring a qualified, experienced private investigator agency is the best way to get to the truth of the matter and get a resolution that is right and fair for every person involved.